Don't have a credible social media presence? We can establish and enhance your social media presence to showcase credibility, increase awareness, generate leads, acquire customers and build reputation.

We can provide a fully managed service for your social media marketing. We make it easy and painless, plus your involvement can be as minimal as you need. We are trusted by small to medium sized b2b companies to take care of their company' social media presence on their behalf.

We are b2b social media specialists; articulate, intelligent and engaging. As a voice of your organisation we can convey your business professionally, seamlessly and socially.

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About us

Whether they’ve eagerly embraced it or reluctantly accepted it - more and more b2b companies are now enjoying the benefits of a strong social media presence. But managing social media requires diligence, consistency and time. Precious resources our growing small to medium sized clients don't want to give up.

That's why they turn to us to take care of it all for them.

We live and breathe social media
- it’s all we do and it’s what we do every day.

We have the right skills and experience to make the most of social media and our team has over seven years experience in harnessing the full potential of social media management.

We only work with b2b companies.

With twenty years expertise in b2b marketing - we totally get it. Our specialist focus means we are best placed to apply the latest social techniques, technologies and best practices to your b2b sales cycle.

Sales driven.

With the web-enabled, socialised buyer here to stay, we deliberately use social media to build prospect lists, generate leads, pinpoint buyers, identify buying signals, influence perceptions and help increase the productivity of sales people.

At influence, we're all about helping you elevate your business profile across every social media platform that your target audiences exist on - to engage, impress and positively influence buyers and decision makers. Our team know what it takes to deliver leads, boost web traffic, gain new followers, achieve likes and shares through frequent nurturing and driving engagement.

We manage the social media accounts of many growing businesses with an all-inclusive, high value, affordable service. We keep ourselves jargon free, guru free, contract free and most importantly, focussed on achieving our clients' goals - they're at the heart of everything we do and, ultimately, what we're judged on.

Social media

What we do

We will build your presence on the core social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and manage your communications including:

  • Establishing objectives
  • Setting up accounts
  • Designing profile graphics
  • Creating new content
  • Posting news stories
  • Adding sector relevant news and comments
  • Gaining followers and engagement

Below is a summary of our approach to managing your social media:

Plan activity

Plan activity

We start with a meet to get a thorough understanding of your business, market, customers and aims. We work with you to advise and guide you to establish measurable objectives. This is often undertaken on a Friday when sales people are in the office. From this, we carry out our own research and analysis of your target customers, competitors, key influencers, keywords and define your activity plan.

Setup accounts

Setup accounts

Having decided on the social media platforms we'll be working on for you, we'll set up all the accounts and supply you with the links for cross-promoting on your website and email signatures etc.

Design profiles

Design profiles

We will then create all the graphic design work, consistent with your corporate identity and branding. This includes your profile images, cover photos and banners for each social media account. We will upload these to your accounts and send you a link for you to view. If you would like something tweaked, let us know and we will happily refine the graphics.

Quite often, the LinkedIn profiles of key sales people are often left needing a 'facelift'. As part of our service, we'll ensure these accounts are also updated. This step ensures that your business is presented across all the selected channels and accounts with consistency, cohesion and coherence.

Build following

Build following

We will then progress to building your base of followers with both existing customers and prospects. By applying a number of tools, we will identify, reach and engage your target business audiences including participating in conversations, joining groups, engaging with people in groups and creating alerts.

Create content

Create content

Having established your aims, tone of voice and existing sources of information, we will create content that will appeal directly to your company’s target audiences. Applying context and relevance, we will create informative and interesting content to authentically showcase your business to high value, hard to reach audiences.

We will post regularly - typically 5 times a week on each platform - to ensure all accounts are active and encourage engagement and interaction. We will post news stories, case studies, clients, projects and add sector relevant news and comments. We will design content graphics and source photography. We will respond to feedback and comments and interactions (unless the response requires your technical expertise). We will also add links to your website and product/service pages.

The key thing is that we do not rely on you to feed us content to sustain your social media presence. We take care of it all for you.

Measure progress & optimise activity

Measure progress & optimise activity

Our social media management tools enable us to measure, analyse and manage every social media post and activity across your social media accounts. Our indepth analysis allows us to continually optimise our activity on your behalf. This we manage internally.

What we do ask is that, when convenient, you simply review our work on a regular basis - say monthly - and let us know if we are deviating in any way from your expectations or whether you wish us to adjust any of our activity or content.

b2b social media goals 2015

b2b social media goals 2015

b2b social media platform usage 2015

b2b social media platform usage 2015

b2b social selling

Most sales managers these days, don't have to make a decision to adopt social media, because their customers and prospects have already made it for them.

Over the past decade, business customers have become socially empowered, highly informed decision makers. Consumers and b2b purchasers alike are using social media to find deals, research products and make recommendations. Their new market-making power has upended traditional marketing and sales practices, especially among companies paying close attention.

Wikipedia, Google, and countless other online resources have democratised access to information, empowering buyers to define their own specifications, find solutions and providers. In addition, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it possible for decision makers to reach out to peers and experts for advice and receive it almost instantly. The web-enabled, socialised and informed buyer is here to stay.

Today's business decision makers begin their purchases by researching products and services online, and by the time they seek out sales professionals, they're well on their way to making a decision. It is estimated that nearly 60% of the buying process in a b2b sale is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a live salesperson.

The good news is that social selling isn't a clean break from traditional selling; it's an evolutionary step forward. Social sellers do not have to abandon email, phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Instead, their time on these traditional channels becomes far more productive when supported by the deliberate use of social media. Such continuous participation in social media allows salespeople to stay visible and valuable helping to establish authenticity and credibility online.

We understand the value of awareness and influence online and use our expertise to harness it for our clients.

When we work closely with our clients’ sales people to integrate social media, the results are powerful. Content and messaging travels further and sales people get closer to prospects.

74% of b2b buyers use social media during the purchase process.

58% of b2b companies say they have generated leads from social media

57% of b2b companies say social media is beneficial to their company.

54% say social media helps them get found online.


Of the 64 million people in the UK, there are 38 million active social media accounts and whilst there are literally hundreds of social media platforms to choose from, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn remain the social networking sites of choice for b2b companies aiming to maximise return on investment:


With 18m members in the UK, LinkedIn is viewed in a different light to other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as it's designed specifically for business professionals.

Both companies and individual users can include profiles with their descriptions and what they have to offer. With LinkedIn there's the opportunity to connect with potential business partners, contact future employees and discover more sales leads.

Content Type

Professional, technical and business information such as white papers. Company pages, groups and profiles.


Very big b2b following. Next largest network after Facebook, professional rather than social. Targeted ads and posts, in mail options, sponsored emails, recommendations.


There are many resources to navigate through, investment of time required to use it most effectively.


18 million UK members.


94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn. 41% call LinkedIn their most important platform. 80% plan to increase their use of LinkedIn. 71% want to learn more about using LinkedIn.


More than a third of the UK population now visit Facebook every day which means there is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Facebook and any other social media platforms for that matter, should be an extension of your existing communications.

Content Type

Images, links, longer text posts, videos, conversations, sharing and following. Company pages and profiles.


Largest number of UK users of any social network. No character limit on text posts. User pays targeted ad and optimised post options.


Largely social, everybody is on there so it may be hard to be heard.


32 million UK users.


84% of B2B marketers use Facebook. 56% say their Facebook marketing is effective. 30% call Facebook their most important platform. 53% plan to increase their use of Facebook.


Twitter in summary is a social media platform that allows you to engage with potential customers and fellow business professionals by communicating online.

Anything can be shared, including news, information, images, videos or opinions, with the only stipulation being you’re limited to 140 characters each time.

Content Type

Image and link sharing, making statements, quick updates, short responses and questions.


Immediate sharing and fast spread of information. Allows more one on one contact than Facebook.


Harder to find local audience, often misused, low character limit can be frustrating. The life of a tweet can be very short.


9.5 million UK users.


88% of B2B marketers use Twitter. 19% call Twitter their most important platform.


Social media marketing can be an incredibly effective tool that can help your business expand and reach untapped potential customers, as well as stay connected to existing ones. To do this requires carefully planned time and effort, on top of your other work commitments - that's where we come in.

We know b2b social media inside out. Let us show you our work, what we do for our clients and what we can do for your business. If you're in need of some friendly, honest advice about b2b social media, feel free to contact us:

020 7536 9723 / 07772 324 091

We're social too!

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